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Biofibre or Nido hair implant, Most professional Hair transplant training courses for MD’s by Exoderm international Medical Centers
Exoderm Medical Hair implant
Exoderm Medical – Biofibre hair implant
Exoderm Medical
Best Artificial Hair implants by Exoderm Medical Centers

Artificial Hair implants

Why would you prefer to have synthetic artificial hair implant instead of your own hair transplants FUE or FUT

  • You have lost your hair and have a regression and a bald area.
  • You don’t have enough donor area to fill up the area you really need with normal and nice density, you prefer to keep your limited donor “bank” for the future just in case.
  • You prefer to have a natural full nice front line and full head with hair.
  • You wish to have full density of hair without any surgery risks or compromises.
  • You wish to gain back the looks that you used to have before and gain back your own life style.
  • Lose of hair made you look and feel much older.
  • You wish to get back your own confidence.
  • You do not wish to wait a year to find out how many hairs did grow and wait to find out if the results meet your expectations, such as the density you have desired.
  • You wish to continuously be able to fill up any natural regression and baldness that will occur in the future at any time and have the results in only 1 day.

Advantages of Exoderm Artificial hair implant

  • No limits , immediate results in 1-2 days only
  • looks and feels just like your own hair
  • Match to your own hair colors by 100 %
  • Fill up at any time any amount to get the right density and looks
  • Risk of rejection is less than 1.2 %
  • One day results – No need to wait 8 month to see if there are any good results unlike as happens with FUE or regular hair transplants that 50% of all FUE transplants do not fulfill someone’s hopes or expectations.
  • Most of FUE patients are not satisfied with their results and or the density of the hair transplants and they will be looking for other methods to fix and fill up the gaps.
  • You prefer not to have surgery nor any scars and have a light easy implant with no risk or pain.
  • In long term calculation artificial hair implants are better and even cheaper than FUE or FUT surgical hair transplants.
  • you can change your life for better within only 1 day .
Exoderm Hair implant
Exoderm Medical Centers Artificial Hair implant
Exoderm Hair implant
Exoderm Medical Centers Artificial Hair implant
Exoderm Hair implant
Exoderm Medical Centers Biofibre Artificial Hair implant
Exoderm Hair implant
Exoderm Medical Centers Biofibre Artificial Hair implant
Exoderm Medical Centers Artificial Hair implant scales
Exoderm Medical Centers Biofibre Artificial Hair implant by Norwood Scale

Why choose us : 

Exoderm International Medical Centers (since 1985)  specialized with FUE fine transplants and all types of hair transplants,  Alopecia , Hair Loss solutions and different types of the old and the newest generation of artificial hair implants Biofibre and or Nido, Exoderm developed one of the safest and fastest special methods that allows our patients to have immediate and final results even within 1 day of staying at our clinic with no need to return back and forth during long periods unlike it’s done by most other clinics, our system of implants are painless, safe and includes the best professional after care that minimize any complications that used to be known with the old generations of artificial hair implants or as it’s done with less professional or less experienced doctors and clinics, with our system you can have even up to 6000 – 7000 hair implants in only 1 day, those amounts usually would take 4-6 days to implant by any other less experienced clinics with intervals of back and forth of about 3-4 weeks in between each implant just in order to get the same result we do in one day, so that eventually our system allows you to save expenses, traveling costs and your time, so as the cost per hair and most important it’s done by matching your own natural hair line with the highest level of combining the art with the best medical techniques.

Exoderm Medical Centers resorts the best art of work with cost effective methods and prices, done by one of the most professional and experienced with more than 30 years of practice, highest ethics, with the largest amounts of hair implants per patients with the best after care without any complications so far ! 

Ask us for one of our special package deals. free on line or personal consultation, hair Implant, hotels , free after care visits and controls at any location of our clinics, pick up and drop off from the nearest international Airport, best V.I.P personal care.

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