Exoderm peel

Exoderm – Peel & Lift The best Non- surgery Face and neck lift – Take off 20 years in just 8 days. 

Exoderm peel
Exoderm Peel before after
Exoderm peel Exoderm I.M.C
Exoderm peel by Exoderm I.M.C
Exoderm peel by Exoderm I.M.C

The original Exoderm peel 

For more than 30 years the Exoderm peel considered to be the best and the safest non surgery face and neck lift , replaces the need for surgical face lift gains back the young looks, fresh skin, removes all wrinkles even the deepest ones , acne scars, hyper-pigmentation’s, folds, all that without losing the natural mimic with no surgical intervention without any risk of full anesthesia and by getting the best and safest results. results lasts even for more then 20 years.

With the original Exoderm international Medical Centers :

The only original Exoderm clinic with more than 30 years of experience, Safe procedure , No pain no general anesthesia needed , done in just 8 days lets you return to normal activity with your new young look.  24 hours of medical observation during the 8 days , staying at 4 star hotels with full board and room service V.I.P treatment. pick up and drop off from the nearest airport.

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The original Exoderm method franchise and courses for Doctors  
Exoderm Peeling
Exoderm Peel the original Exoderm I.M.C

Exoderm I.M.C

 Exoderm International Medical Centers : 

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